To remove and replace the circuit boards, follow these steps. The steps are also the same for removing switches - the circuit boards must be replaced to access the switches.

  1. Remove the eight screws that hold the case together
  2. Lift off the top from the bottom half
  3. Remove all of the black plastic nuts on the rear
  4. Unscrew the 10 screws inside that secure the lower circuit board
  5. Now lift the lower board at the front edge (opposite the jacks). With a small amount of force the board should pop up
  6. Lift the board up carefully. There's a cable that connects it to the other circuit board. Disconnect it from the board by pulling it away from the audio jacks
  7. Now unscrew the 10 metal standoffs that secure the upper board
  8. Lift the upper board out of the enclosure
  9. At this point, you can unscrew the switches if needed. You can use a 14mm or 5/8" hex socket to remove the switch. When replacing a switch, It's best to use two 5/8" or 14mm hex sockets, one on the inside, one on the outside, in order to get them tight.

Now, reverse the steps to put it back together.

Important note!!! make sure that the connectors on the top and bottom board line up - you'll see a bunch of gold pins - those need to fit into the mating connector on the other board. Just make sure that the pins go into the socket and don't get bent.

Also remember to reconnect the internal audio cable before screwing the boards together!

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