The original Mastermind can control up to four MIDI devices on different MIDI channels. It's pretty common to control one or more RJM Music products (which can all be on the same MIDI channel), and effects like those by Eventide or Strymon. Here's how to get it working:

First, make sure all of your RJM products are set to MIDI channel 1. This is the factory default.

Next, set your other devices to other channels - set the first effect to channel 2, the next to channel 3 and the third to channel 4.

In the Mastermind, enter the setup mode by holding the 1 button and pressing 3. Now, press the Function/Global Select button until the display reads PC2. There are four device slots labeled PC1 through PC4. PC1 represents all of your RJM Music devices. PC2 will be your first effects device.

Now, with PC2 selected, you'll see the display will alternate between PC2 and CH--, which means that no MIDI channel has been assigned to PC2. Press the 5/MIDI Ch button repeatedly until the display reads CH02. You have now set the second MIDI device to send on channel 2.

Repeat this for PC3 and PC4 if needed. Press Function/Global Select to get to the desired device (PC3 or PC4), then press 5/MIDI Ch to set it to the correct MIDI channel (CH03 for PC3 and CH04 for PC4).

You've now set up your devices. The next step is to tell the Mastermind which effect presets should be recalled for each preset on the Mastermind. The process for this is as follows:

Use the Bank Up / Bank Down buttons to select the Mastermind preset you wish to edit. The preset number will be displayed in the format P000, where the first two digits are the bank number (0-24) and the last digit is the preset within the bank (1-5).

Now, press the 1/Preset Select button to get to your desired device (PC2, PC3 or PC4). Then, press the 2/Program/CC Number button to select which preset on your effects device you need. The preset numbers are numbered starting at 0. If your effect device is connected to the Mastermind, you will see it change presets as you change the number on the Mastermind.

You can now go back and repeat the previous step for PC3 and PC4 if needed. Then, you can use Bank Up to move to the next Mastermind preset and set the effect presets for each device.

When you're done, hold the 1 button and press 3 to exit setup mode.

Please note that you typically don't need to do any configuration on the Mastermind to control RJM products. As long as you didn't edit PC1 on the Mastermind, you can use our typical programming process: select a preset on the Mastermind, use the front panel buttons on the RJM product to turn on the desired switches or loops, then hold the Write button to store the settings. The front panel lights will flash to confirm that the settings were stored. You can repeat this for each preset on the Mastermind.