First, you'll need the firmware file downloaded to a computer. It can be downloaded from each product's page on our website:

Mastermind GT / Mastermind LT / Mastermind PBC

You'll also need a USB flash drive. One is included with each Mastermind series product. You can also use most off-the-shelf USB drives. Look for one that is small (16GB or less) and is not USB 3.0. The drive has to be formatted for a PC. Specifically, FAT formatted with MBR partitioning. Most off-the-shelf flash drives are formatted this way right out of the box. If your Mastermind has 4.0 or later firmware, you can also format the drive from the setup menu, go to System Functions / Format Drive on your Mastermind.

One you have those things, you can start the process:

  1. First, back up your settings file to a flash drive or computer! If you have to revert back to an earlier version, your Mastermind will factory reset, losing your settings. If you have a backup from before the upgrade, you can load it back into the Mastermind.
  2. If the firmware file is a ZIP file, double click it to extract it. The resultant file should end in .rjf
  3. Copy the firmware file to a USB flash drive, and remove any other .rjf files from the flash drive.
  4. Eject the drive from your computer. This is typically done by right-clicking (or Ctrl-clicking on a Mac) on the drive's icon and selecting Eject from the menu. Wait a few seconds, then it's safe to remove the drive.
  5. On a Mastermind GT: Power up the GT while holding the two small buttons under the main screen.
  6. On a Mastermind LT or PBC: Power up the Mastermind while holding the 1 and 3 buttons.
  7. Keep holding until you see "Mastermind Bootloader" appear on the screen.
  8. Now plug the flash drive into your GT. The update should begin and will take a few minutes to complete.

PLEASE DON'T DO A MAJOR FIRMWARE UPDATE RIGHT BEFORE YOUR BIG GIG! We try to make firmware upgrades as bulletproof as possible, but errors can still happen. After a major upgrade, we recommend you run through all of your songs, presets, etc. to make sure that everything is ok.