The MIDI ports on the Mastermind GT, LT and PBC are bidirectional, and one result of this is that the MIDI In (or Remote In) port can be used as a secondary output. This requires a few settings changes on the Mastermind, and a special MIDI cable.


  • In MIDI Settings, turn on "Bidirectional MIDI"
  • In Device Settings, set "Port" to "MIDI In" (or "Remote In" on a GT) for any devices that will connect to the MIDI In port


The cable needed to connect something to the MIDI In port looks like a standard MIDI cable, but is wired differently:

PIn 1 - Pin 4

Pin 2 - Pin 2 (use the bare wire for this connection)

Pin 3 - Pin 5

Pin 4 - PIn 1

Pin 5 - Pin 3

The connector shields are not connected to anything.

Custom cable builders like Best-tronics ( can make this cable for you if needed. Best-tronics' part number is AS-MSTRMOUTRS-XX.