On the Mastermind series, Preset buttons and Bank buttons work together. On power up, the first bank is selected, and the preset buttons display presets from that bank. This is typically presets 1-4, 1-5 or 1-6, depending on how many preset buttons you have. Pressing Bank Up or Bank Down changes which bank is selected, and the Preset buttons display presets from that bank.

This happens regardless of what button page you're on. If your preset buttons are displaying presets 1 through 5 on one button page, they will also display the same presets on every other button page.

If you want to have buttons on one page that select certain presets, and buttons on another page that select other presets, you can use IA buttons. Use the settings in the attached image. This example accesses preset 27, but you can of course adjust it to access any preset. You can create as many of these buttons as you like, and each one will access the specified preset regardless of what bank you're on.