In the Mastermind GT/LT/PBC editors, there are two menu items that transfer your settings from the editor to your Mastermind: Write Settings to Device and Write Changes to Device.

Write Settings to Device simply transfers all of your settings from the editor to your Mastermind.

Write Changes to Device writes any changes you have made in the editor since the last time one of the following has happened:
  • You have loaded a settings file
  • You have read settings from your PBC
  • You have written settings (or changes) to your PBC
  • You have done a File / New

The reason that there are two options is that Write Settings to Device can take a while (30 seconds). Write Changes to Device can take a lot less time when you're doing repeated edits.

Most of the time, Write Changes is safe. But, there are some situations where it can get confused and end up messing things up. To keep things consistent, we recommend always starting your editor session with one of the following:
  1. Load settings into the editor, then Write Settings to Device
  2. Read Settings From Device

Once you do that, you will definitely have the same exact settings in the editor as in the PBC itself. From then on, Write Changes will do the right thing. Just make sure that you don't try editing on the PBC itself at this point. Editing on the PBC and editor at the same time is definitely asking for trouble.