One way that can make it easier for us to help you is to take a look at your editor file. Opening up your file on our equipment can often reveal quick and simple fixes that save hours or days of emailing back and forth.

The process is the same for all of our editable products. 

If you’re using the editor program go to the ‘File’ menu (typically top left) and scroll down to ‘Save as’. This will open the ‘Save as’ dialog box which will allow you set the name and the location the file will be saved to. When saving a file specifically to email it, saving it to the Desktop  is a good idea, so it can easily be found. Name it so that the person receiving it can find it easily when they download to their computer. In this instance we will have a shortened version of my name, what it is, date and version number. So in this instance a typical file name would be jimb_MMLT_04-06-19_v04.rjs (All settings files end in .rjs), and the editor will automatically add this suffix if needed when saving a file.

If you are creating a new support ticket on our ‘Contact’ page there is a link at the bottom of the dialog boxes to ‘Attach a file’. Add your saved file here. 

If you’re responding to an existing ticket simply hit ‘Reply’ and attach the file to the email. Though every email client is different most allow you to simply ‘drag and drop’ the file into the body of the email.  

If you’re editing on the unit, hold down buttons 1 and 3 to access the setup menu. Scroll down to ‘System Functions’ then to ‘Save Settings’. The system will then ask you to insert a flash drive. Insert drive and the file will be written to it. You can choose your own file name, or use the default. If you already have file with the same name on there, it will ask if you want to overwrite it. If this is your only backup file, we would recommend not overwriting but use a different file name or a different flash drive. Once written, plug your flash drive to your computer, copy the file to your desktop and and follow instructions in the previous paragraph.