As of the 4.3 firmware, the Mastermind PBC/6X has a new "Split Mono" feature. This allows you to split any of the stereo loops into two individually controllable mono loops. When splitting all of the stereo loops including the insert loop, this gives you 11 independent mono loops that can arranged in any order!


To connect two pedals to a single loop, you'll need insert cables. These have a TRS (stereo) plug that plugs into the PBC and two TS (mono) plugs that connect to your pedals. You can buy insert cables at most music stores, and from custom cable builders such as Best-tronics. Use one insert cable for the loop send and one for the return. The send cable connects to the inputs of the two pedals, and the return cable connects to the outputs of the pedals. Insert cables typically have one plug labeled "tip" and the other labeled "ring". The "tip" plugs connect to the primary loop (the lower numbered loop), and the "ring" plugs connect to the secondary loop (the higher numbered loop). For example, when connecting to loop 4, the tip plugs are used for loop 4 and the ring plugs are used for loop 7.

The only limitation of this option is that you can't have one half of a split loop running a series effect and one half running a parallel effect. Plugging a plug into the loop return will break the dry signal connection for both loops on that jack. 


In the PBC editor or on the unit itself, each stereo capable loop has a "Split Mono" parameter. Turn this on, and a new loop will become available.

  • Splitting loop 4 creates loop 7
  • Splitting loop 5 creates loop 8
  • Splitting loop 6 creates loop 9
  • Splitting the insert loop creates insert loop 2, which in the loop order diagram is displayed as '='

These new loops will appear in the loop order diagram and in the Audio section of the editor and onboard setup menu. They can be controlled like any other loop and placed in any order.


You can add buttons to control the new loops. This typically means adding another button page to accommodate the new buttons

Using the onboard setup menu

In the setup menu, select Edit Buttons. Then, select a page (typically page 3), and set its type to LoopsPg2. This makes that button page control loops 7-9 and the insert loop(s). This overwrites the Switches page, but you can edit page 4 and set it to Switches type.

Using the editor software

In the Buttons tab, go to page 3. Right click on the PBC image, and select Copy Page To > Page 4. This makes a copy of the Switches page on page 4. Now, you can reassign the buttons on page 3. Right click on a button and select Assign CC > Internal > Loop 7 to assign loop 7 to a button. Repeat for each loop you want to assign to a button. We recommend leaving the "Page / IA Store" button unchanged to keep it consistent with the other button pages.

Make sure change Page3's name to reflect its new function, something like Loops 7-9. Also, make sure to change the Max Page parameter in the Globals tab to 4.