The Strymon BigSky, Mobius and Timeline can be controlled by a MIDI controller such as our Mastermind series. Setup is as follows:

!). Set up MIDI Devices and MIDI Channels

In the Mastermind or Mastermind GT editor, go to the Devices tab. Select an unused device slot in the left column, and at the upper right, set Manufacturer to Strymon and Model to the appropriate device model. Set MIDI Channel to a channel number that's not used by any other device.

On the Strymon pedal, press and hold the Value knob until you get to global settings. Turn the knob until you get to "MIDICH". Press the knob once, then turn to knob to set the MIDI channel to the same number you just used in the editor. Press the knob again, then press the Type knob to exit.

If you have more than one Strymon pedal, you can repeat this process, using a different device slot in the editor and different MIDI channel number.

2). Select Strymon presets for each Mastermind preset

Now you can decide when Strymon presets are automatically selected by the Mastermind. In the Mastermind's Presets tab, you will see a PC Messages section which has a small box for each device you've defined. This box contains a PC number, which is what's sent to the pedal to select a specific preset.

Select a Master preset in the left column, then in the Timeline box (or Mobius, or Big Sky box), set the PC number to indicate which preset you'd like to recall. Strymon pedals use a non-standard numbering scheme, and those numbers need to be translated:

Strymon preset 00A = Mastermind preset 0

Strymon preset 00B = Mastermind preset 1

Strymon preset 01A = Mastermind preset 2

Strymon preset 01B = Mastermind preset 3

Strymon preset 02A = Mastermind preset 4


Once your settings have been written to your Mastermind, selecting presets on the Mastermind should automatically select presets on your Strymon pedal(s)

Here's a video a customer did, showing this process in more detail: