Nixie is Strymon's editor software for their Timeline, Big Sky and Mobius pedals. It runs on a PC or Mac and communicates over MIDI to the pedal. It requires a MIDI interface to make the connection - there is no USB port on these pedals.

The Mastermind GT, LT or PBC can act as a USB to MIDI converter for these pedals. Go get it working, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your Mastermind's MIDI output to the MIDI input of the first pedal. Connect that pedal's MIDI output to the MIDI input of the next pedal. The last pedal's MIDI output needs to connect to the Mastermind's MIDI input.

    If you have other, non-Strymon, MIDI capable pedals, you can connect them in the same manner, input of one pedal to the input of next. Just make sure that MIDI Thru is enabled in each pedal.

    This will work for at least 4 pedals in a chain, going beyond 4 might not work.

    (NOTE: The Mastermind PBC/6X will need a splitter cable to break out its MIDI port into an input and an output. You can get this cable from Best-tronics ( or other custom cable builders.)

  2. In your Strymon pedals' Global settings menu, set "MIDITH" (MIDI Thru) to MERGE.

  3. In the Mastermind's MIDI settings, turn on MIDI Forward.

Now, when yuo connect the Mastermind to your computer using a USB cable, Nixie should be able to find and configure your pedals.