The original Mastermind (the one with a small red LED display) had several firmware releases over its life. The last release was version 1.4.

The Mastermind displays its version number for a couple of seconds as you power it up. If it doesn't show a version number, it has version 1.0. 

You can update the firmware with the RJM Updater app. This app runs on Windows PCs. It requires Java to be installed on the computer. Also required is a USB MIDI interface such as the iConnectivity mio 1x1 or E-Mu XMIdi 1x1.

The process is as follows:

  1. Download the RJM Updater utility
  2. Install the RJM Updater utility on a Windows PC
  3. Connect the MIDI interface to your PC
  4. Connect the MIDI In port of the MIDI interface to the MIDI Out port of the Mastermind
  5. Connect the MIDI Out port of the MIDI interface to the MIDI In port of the Mastermind
  6. Run the RJM Updater utility
  7. Click Select MIDI Ports and made sure your MIDI interface is selected for both the MIDI Input and MIDI Output ports. Click Ok.
  8. If Mastermind-1.4.rju is not shown in the Update Filename section, click Select Update File and select that file.
  9. Press Begin Update
  10. The update process should start, and it takes about a minute to complete

Once that completes, your Mastermind is ready to go.