If you do ever run into a problem with your RJM product, we're happy to do the repair for you. Products that within their warranty period and are still owned by the original owner (or purchased as refurbished from us) will be repaired at no charge, with the exception of international shipping costs. Please open a helpdesk ticket if you need to set up a repair.

We have also begun starting to build a list of international service centers. We only have a handful now, but are working on finding more. If you need a product repaired and know of a qualified local technician that services other musical electronic gear, we'd be interested in talking to them to see if they would be a good addition to this list.

Australia: www.eav.com.au

Ireland: www.fixtronix.ie

UK (England): www.electronicmusicservices.co.uk

UK (Scotland): www.fretronics.com